Circular is

the new linear


Welcome to the Circular Economy Lab.

There is a circular shift underway globally. We are catalysing this shift by asking, what actions can we take to accelerate and manage the transition to a circular economy that provides everyone, everywhere, with an advantage? 

The shift towards the circular economy

is the economic opportunity

of the century.

With issues of sustainability at the forefront of attention, there is a global push to reform the current way of working to become more symbiotic, more circular.

Welcome to the Circular Economy Lab, an experimental and collaborative environment with a mission to accelerate the circular economy. 

The Circular Economy Lab is a platform for multi-party innovation where leaders of industry, together with startups and not-for-profits, work with the leaders of research and academia, to explore opportunities for impact and co-design circular solutions that can scale impact.

The Circular Economy Lab provides the framework for participating stakeholders to address entrenched industry challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

What do the teams come up with?

To graduate from the Circular Economy Lab, teams must create a tangible and realisable solution for scaling impact. An evidenced-based solution that is validated in the market by customers, one that is financially viable, and of course, is technically feasible.

We recorded Australia’s first Circular Economy Lab journey and captured the outcomes in a report designed especially for you to share with your friends. Go ahead and download it, or reach out and get in contact!

The Pitch Event

Circular Economy Lab teams secure investment

Five teams, five big projects, five minutes each. After defining a clear problem worth solving, ideating and shaping options, prototyping and testing concepts, the Circular Economy Lab teams pitch for investment from the circular seed fund, a pool funds provided by the Circular Economy Labs, it's industry foundation partners and the government.

Certified and circular spaces

New ways to pack things

Connected, circular communities

Future of the food-agri value chain

Securing the digital-physical supply chain

Meet the designers, the advisors

the participants

Behind the Lab

Backed by captains of industry and the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science, the Circular Economy Lab is the brainchild of Business Models Inc and Coreo.

The crew

The advisory board

You're in good company. This board of advisors has been hand selected and represent circular ambitions both local and internationally.

The board

The change-makers

Industry will lead the change. This cohort of participants is diverse and committed to accelerating the circular economy.

The Participants