Circular is

the new linear


Something big is happening in Queensland this year.

There is a circular shift underway globally. Here in Queensland we are catalysing this shift by asking, what actions can Queensland take together today to manage the transition to the circular economy of tomorrow that provides all Queenslanders with an advantage? There are opportunities that come with any shift and we are designing for them.

Welcome to the Circular Economy Lab.

The shift towards the circular economy

is the economic opportunity

of the century.

With issues of sustainability at the forefront of attention, there is a nationwide push to reform the current way of working to become more symbiotic, more circular.

Welcome to the Circular Economy Lab, an experimental and collaborative environment with a mission to accelerate the circular economy in Queensland. 

The Circular Economy Lab is a platform for multi-party innovation where together, we explore emerging opportunities and co-author circular solutions.

The Lab provides the innovation framework for key industry stakeholders to address entrenched industry challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

How might we…

explore opportunities to create solutions that are transferrable across industry sectors
Meet the Teams

Certified and circular spaces

How might we design circular spaces that promote wellbeing, contribute to carbon neutrality, and keep materials circulating in the productive economy?

New ways to pack things

How might we eliminate soft plastics across the food product manufacturing supply chain, through different business models, mechanisms and alternate material inputs, to retain value in a circular economy?

Intelligent communities

How might we shape new solutions to beneficially transform the behaviour of individuals and communities, associated with energy use through incentives and service models?

Future of food-agri value chain

How might we do more with less across the agri-food value chain, by looking at repurposing existing waste streams for a more secure a sustainable economic future?

Securing the digital supply chain

How might we ensure the goods we are recycling and reintroducing back into the supply chain are creating new forms of value that are certified and circular?

Meet the designers, the advisors

the participants

Behind the Lab

Backed by the Department of Environment and Science, the Lab is the brainchild of Business Models Inc and Coreo.

The crew

The advisory board

You're in good company. This board of advisors has been hand selected and represent circular ambitions both local and internationally.

The board

The change-makers

Industry will lead the change. This cohort of participants is diverse and committed to accelerating the circular economy in Australia.

The Participants



25th February

Official Launch

29th April

Workshop 1

14th May

Workshop 2

27th May

Workshop 3

11th June

Workshop 4

18th June

Pitch Event

Taking the Lab


With its origin in Queensland, the Circular Economy Lab will be introduced to other states overtime to allow for multi-party innovation across all of Australia. Our vision is to see the adoption of a more circular economy across the country. Register your interest below to see the Circular Economy Lab in your state.

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