Circular economy futures dashboard
You're a change-maker. That's why you're here. We want to learn more about your journey in accelerating the circular economy in Australia to help realise and mobilise this collective ambition. Be part of a circular economy network so great, you can trace the impact!

The Circular Economy Futures Dashboard will illustrate the results of the first ever comprehensive study of the Queensland Circular Economy through the ‘human lens’. The Dashboard will be an open design resource for people interested in exploring the Queensland circular economy.

The study will reveal the the circular economy ecosystem of Queensland. Furthermore, the study offers new insights into how people operate in a circular context. These insights are crucial in order to provide a more solid understanding of the circular economy in Queensland.

The study is based on an innovative methodological approach combining both classical and new sources of data. The below is example data only.

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Our boundless curiosity extends to how each of us, individually and collectively, drive the circular shift.

We found that the common thread among people within the circular economy is a desire to connect and collaborate for environmental, social and economic opportunity. What if we could make this easier for you and your organisation to discover?

So we’re building an interactive dashboard designed to surface the key human attributes and connections most relevant to you, your organisation and the Queensland circular economy.

By joining the Queensland Circular Economy network, you will be connected to opportunities in the circular economy and be part of the movement in Australia.